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What we do

Aura Ventures was created by three individuals seeking to team up with partners that want diversification and returns through real estate.  In today's competitive market, we're focused on forcing appreciation through value-add opportunities and strictly acquiring only quality, below market value deals. 


Aura Ventures was founded on the belief that we can achieve more together. We know that the power of community can unlock incredible opportunities and drive positive change through our community-driven approach. Our team brings over 18 years of combined experience in real estate investing, real estate brokerage, business operations, and renovations. With a diverse range of skills and expertise, we manage a portfolio of over $40 million primarily focused on multi-family real estate and ground up development. At Aura Ventures we're not just focused on financial gain--we're passionate about creating vibrant living space in the cities where we invest and committed to collaborating with our community & partners so we can all succeed and grow together. 

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